Private Passage

Real-time, Encrypted Secret Sharing

Sorry, a browser supporting modern JavaScript is required to use this application.

Privately share confidential documents, credentials, API keys, and other sensitive material. Only the person you share the link with will be able to read them.

How it works

Private Passage uses the modern encryption capabilies of your own browser to protect your files and secrets. When you generate a private link, your browser creates a unique secret key that is used to encrypt the data. This secret key is never sent to any server, which means that no one else can view your sensitive data.

Once encrypted, your browser waits for a recipient to connect. The encrypted data can only be shared while you keep the page open. Once a recipient connects, the data is relayed to them directly and the connection is closed. The recipient can then decrypt the data using the secret key that you shared via the private link.

Private Passage aims to be as simple as possible. It has no 3rd party dependencies, and requires only a few hundred lines of code all contained in this single HTML file. For the best security, you can host your own instance of this static page wherever you like. The source code is available on GitHub.